July 10, 2020 2 min read

The world’s first self-cleaning dog potty, BrilliantPad, just got more brilliant! Introducing BrilliantPad SMART. 

This new third-generation product was created in response to customer requests for new features. BrilliantPad SMART: 

  • Features WiFi connectivity
  • Includes vision and machine-learning technology
  • Improves awareness of your pet’s health
  • Makes using BrilliantPad easier

    The SMART technology and companion app lets you see and replace the pad when needed any time of day, from anywhere in the world, perfect for those picky pups who prefer a completely clean pad. 

    We’ve also included dog-activated automatic cleaning modes, one of the most-requested features by our BrilliantPad customers. This means that you can set BrilliantPad to advance as soon as your dog steps off the platform, ensuring that your home is always fresh and clean. You can also set it to advance after a certain number of visits to maximize roll efficiency. 

    BrilliantPad SMART also helps you keep a closer eye on your dog’s health. BrilliantPad SMART will also send you an alert if it notices that your dog is going more or less often than usual. These changes in potty patterns are often indicative of other health issues and BrilliantPad SMART makes it easier to catch them early on. The health log feature in the companion app will store all important health-related information for you; it tells you when and how often your dog goes, if it’s #1 or #2 and, and also provides photos so you can see that everything looks normal. It’s all right there in the app! 

    Check out the features! 

    Companion App keeps you informed with usage notifications and lets you remotely control your BrilliantPad machine. The system alerts you to changes in usage frequency and highlights low pad supply. 

    Dog Activated Advancelets you set BrilliantPad to clean after your dog steps off the machine, or select how many visits are required before replacing the pad.  

    Smart Timers Create a schedule to clean when you want, or advance anytime from the Companion App or Machine.

    Health Alertsflag changes in waste, frequency and maintains a photo journal for review with your veterinarian.  BrilliantPad aims to prevent small issues from becoming larger problems.

    Roll Replenishment BrilliantPad monitors the pad level in the machine, tracks your roll supply at home and auto-delivers when you need it.

    Take the first step toward a happier, healthier pet withBrilliantPad SMART today! Existing BrilliantPad users, you too can have all of the new features the SMART machine has to offer; just purchase thenew control module. It will fit right into your existing BrilliantPad base.