September 18, 2020 3 min read

Change can be scary, for both dog and human. But trying something new - like BrilliantPad - should be a fun and exciting new experience for the both of you. While some dogs and dog breeds are predisposed to be more nervous, wary, or anxious of change, we’re here to help you navigate the transition to BrilliantPad. Here are some of the most common hesitations that pet parents encounter when it comes to their anxious dog. 


My dog is scared of new things in the house.


In a dog’s mind, “new” can equal “threat.” When introducing BrilliantPad or anything new, look out for your dog’s particular signals that they’re uncomfortable or feeling threatened and adjust accordingly. Some dogs shake or whine. Others will run away or go hide in a bed or kennel where they feel safest. Know ahead of time what your dog might do if they get scared and adjust your introduction to BrilliantPad accordingly. 

Introduce BrilliantPad to your dog while you are in the room. Pay close attention to those signals. If you detect any skittishness or apprehension, you may have to remove BrilliantPad for a few days to reset. If this is the case, you might try introducing BrilliantPad more slowly; cover the machine with a blanket or fresh potty pad and reveal a new portion of the machine each day until the machine is completely visible. 

TIP: Choose a blanket or even shirt or sweatshirt that smells like you to help put your dog at ease when introducing the new BrilliantPad. 


My dog will not step on or use something they are unsure of.


Once your dog is comfortable with BrilliantPad in their home, you will now begin to introduce it as something they interact with. Let your dog sniff and explore BrilliantPad on their own time. If they are not approaching the machine, carry them to it and stay close as you place your dog next to, or, if they’re comfortable, on top of the machine. Your presence will help them identify the machine as “nice” and will help dispel any fear. 

Now, it’s potty time! Begin to associate BrilliantPad with potty time once they’re acquainted with the machine. Place BrilliantPad in their regular potty area and put one of the potty pads they’re familiar with on top of the BrilliantPad platform. From here, you can follow thesteps to transition your dog from regular potty pads to BrilliantPad

TIP: Place a lightly soiled pad on the platform to help further associate BrilliantPad with potty time. 


My dog is wary of things that move on their own.


If your dog is extremely skittish, plan to manually advance the machine, either via the button on the control module or using the app, when you begin training and only advance when your dog has done their business and is out of the room. Once they’ve established BrilliantPad as their new potty place and are in a routine, you can introduce them to the motion associated with the machine. 

Hold your dog while you press the advance button, again either on the control module or on the app, and keep an eye out for those nervous signals we mentioned earlier. If your dog squirms or exhibits any sign that they’re scared, stop the machine and place the dog back on it. You may need to repeat this process several times until your dog is comfortable seeing the machine advance on its own. 

TIP: If they’re still not keen on the motion, utilize the delayedauto-advance feature available with the BrilliantPad Smart machine. 


My dog doesn’t like loud noises.


Fireworks, trucks, and trains are all things that can make your dog dive under the couch. And loud noises like these can be hard to anticipate and therefore hard to prevent. Luckily, BrilliantPad makes only a low hum when the machine advances. It has a very quiet motor that only runs when the sheet is advancing. Most dogs (and humans!) don’t even notice it as it’s similar to the sound your refrigerator might make. However, if your dog gets nervous around the fridge or dishwasher, which is actually much louder than BrilliantPad, you can review the complete list of tips below.