October 09, 2020 2 min read

You’ve taken the plunge and you and your dog have become a #BrilliantPadFamily - congratulations! But is your furry friend not on board yet? Don’t worry, here are some tips for how to troubleshoot training your dog to use BrilliantPad. 

All dogs are different which means each dog will require a slightly different training method when transitioning to BrilliantPad. Remember to review all training materials. We created training materials specific to many different potty training situations. Find the one that best describes your situation from the list below.

Please note that it can be extremely difficult to teach an old dog new tricks and therefore, BrilliantPad is not the best potty solution fro adult dogs who do not already use potty pads. However, if you really want to give it a go, here are our best tips foradult outdoor dogs. 

After you review the materials. Set out a clear training plan. It’s best to use a three-part approach when transition to BrilliantPad.  

  1. Let your dog get comfortable around BrilliantPad

  2. Encourage your dog to explore on BrilliantPad

  3. Associate potty activity with BrilliantPad

If you’ve had issues with training your dog in the past, you might consider investing in ourTraining Kit that includes three training sprays to help move things along: 

  1. TheGo Here Attractant Spray to help your dog identify where they’re supposed to go potty. 

  2. TheNo No Bitter Spray to deter your dog from going where or chewing on things they’re not supposed.

  3. TheTidy Shot Enzymatic Cleaner to clean up an accident spots so the accident spot doesn’t become the potty spot. 

If you experience issues with training your dog, we ask that you please spend at least 30 days dedicated to training and trying. Some dogs and breeds simply take extra time to transition so remember to stay positive, stay patient, and always reward good potty behavior. 

If you’re still having trouble, please reach out to our customer service team for further information. 

support@BrilliantPad.com |(312) 348-7915