December 18, 2020 2 min read

If you’re planning on gifting your spouse or family a puppy this year (it’s okay, we won’t tell!), puppysitting this holiday season, or maybe your friend’s or family’s dog comes along for the visit, be sure that your is equipped and ready to host. Here are some tips for puppy-proofing your home

Tuck away loose and low-hanging cords

Those holiday lights draped throughout your house look great and give off a great glow. To a puppy, though, they see new toys and challenges. Ensure that all electrical cords are tucked out of sight or out of reach of the puppy. While BrilliantPad uses a low-voltage power cord that won’t harm your pup if they chew through it, this isn’t the case for all wiring or wire systems. 

Protect the presents

Especially if the dog is used to tearing open their own treats on Christmas morning, be sure to know what gifts under your tree contain chocolate or anything edible. The dog will find it. Keep those gifts up high on shelving or furniture to avoid a trip to the vet and having to purchase a last-second replacement.

Say no to table food

Avoid - and be sure to tell any guests - giving the dog table scraps of any kind. Especially dogs with sensitive stomachs or underlying health conditions, table or human food can cause some serious gut health issues. If the dog is a #BrilliantPadPup, keep an eye on the health log in the days after the holiday to be sure everything is normal. 

Keep Fido away from fire

Many homeowners light candles or a nice yuletide fire. This can create a warm inviting atmosphere for people but if you have four legs, the effect is lost. Keep candles up high to avoid that shaggy, waggy tail from catching on fire and be sure to put a grate in front of your fireplace. 

With these measures in place, nothing will stop you from having a lovely holiday with your four-legged friends.