February 19, 2021 2 min read

Dogs can be stubborn! Certain breeds especially are notorious for taking a little longer when potty training. All dogs are different, and we get that! Some need extra time, a different training method, or an incentive. Some just need to learn things on their own time If your pup comes to mind, we’re here to help! We’ve got the insider training tips you need to transition your dog to BrilliantPad. What is it?The BrilliantPad Training Spray Kit.

The BrilliantPad Training Spray Kit includes three pet products that will help you transition your dog to BrilliantPad every step of the way. This kit can be purchased separately or as part of the BrilliantPad Bundle and includes three of our signature training sprays. 

BrilliantPad Go Here

When first potty training with your pup, whether they’re a puppy or an older dog, you need to establish a potty area. TheGo Here spray will help your pup identify where that spot is. Spray it on the pad of the BrilliantPad machine and use treats to invite your dog up onto the platform. Be sure to place your pup on BrilliantPad whenever it’s time to potty. 

Paw Print: Use the confinement methods typically used with puppies to help define the potty area. 

No No!™ Bitter Spray

Dogs can get distracted very easily when training. They also get bored easily and typically that means they turn to chewing to keep themselves occupied. Use theNo No spray to deter biting or chewing on anything your dog shouldn’t have. It is animal, plant, and furniture safe and is a great tool for training! 

Paw Print: Remove all distractions (ie: toys, rugs, blankets, etc) when potty training. 

TidyShot Enzymatic Cleaner

Accidents happen; it’s inevitable, especially with puppies. When an accident occurs, remember to stay calm, place your pup on BrilliantPad to reinforce their designated potty spot, and clean the accident spot withTidyShot. Using an enzymatic cleaner like this ensures that your dog’s accident spot doesn’t become their potty spot. 

Paw Print: ALWAYS use positive reinforcement when training a dog. Reprimanding rarely works as the dog does not know what they did wrong. 

Set yourself for potty training success with theBrilliantPad Training Kit.Order yours today atwww.BrilliantPad.com.