November 06, 2020 2 min read

#BrilliantPadPups can be found across North America; so many pet parents are finding that BrilliantPad is the best indoor potty solution for their dog. Some appreciate the health monitoring system and companion app. Others love the hands-free operation. Your dog? They love that they can potty whenever they need to and don’t have to worry about braving inclement weather.

While many dogs do their business outside, some weather conditions make it impossible for some of our furry friends. 

  • RAIN - If you have a dog that doesn’t like the rain, water, or wet paws then you know there’sno way to get them outside when it starts pouring. Especially if your dog does out many times throughout the  day or you live in an extremely rainy area, rain can mean inside accidents. With BrilliantPad, your dog can go whenever they need to and you can spend that time together loving and playing. 
  • SNOW - Because BrilliantPad is designed for small dogs and puppies under 25 pounds, most of these pups don’t fare so well in the snow. Freezing cold temperatures and snow drifts taller than they are mean that BrilliantPad is a much safer and convenient potty solution. 
  • WIND - The same goes for extremely windy conditions. Our little friends especially need to focus on not getting blown away when they go outside leaving “potty” as the last thing on their mind. This also holds true in the south as well as east coast states who regularly encounter hurricanes other weather-related hazards. The same goes for the inland states, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. It’s unsafe for both you and your dog to venture out for a potty session when conditions are this bad. 

Because weather can be so unpredictable, take it out of the equation with BrilliantPad.