November 13, 2020 2 min read

BrilliantPad Smart’s technology allows you to better monitor your dog’s health by alerting you when your dog goes potty. Why is this important? The first (and most accurate) indicator of sickness with your dog can be a change in potty pattern or the consistency or color of their stools. Keep an eye on these three things to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy for many years to come. 


When you first get started with BrilliantPad, note the frequency of when your dog goes both #1 and #2. The health log in the BrilliantPad app will help you keep track of their daily routine and be sure to tag what you see in each photo. Whilepuppies tend to go more often, adult dogs should go potty 2-4 times and poop 1-2 a day. 

Each dog is different, though, so when you first become a #BrilliantPadFamily, pay extra attention to how often your dog uses the machine so you know what is considered “normal.” The good news is that if your dog starts going more often than usual (often an indicator of sickness or a health issue), BrilliantPad will shoot you a notification saying just that so you can tune-in and keep a closer eye on other aspects of their health.




Check your health log regularly and pay special attention to #2. Runny or soft stools or diarrhea mean that something is certainly wrong. If you find a photo of a soft stool in the health log, scroll to see if it was an isolated occurrence or if it’s happening more often. While a one-time occurrence can be attributed to eating scraps or something they weren’t supposed to, multiple instances are cause for concern. 


The same goes for the color of the stools. Blood will often appear in the stool if your dog has an infection, virus, or issue with the digestive tract. This is certainly a cause for concern and not something you want to wait to address.  If discoloration or blood in the stool appears in the health log, the BrilliantPad app allows you to send that waste photo directly to your vet for an expert opinion. This helps to address any budding health issues right away.

Being aware of these three things can you help you detect sickness early so it doesn’t become a larger health problem. Become a better pet parent withBrilliantPad Smart today!