March 29, 2020 2 min read

BrilliantPad is the world’s first indoor pet potty solution, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the outdoors too! We believe it is very important to take your dog outside regularly to exercise and socialize. Today, March 30th, is National Take a Walk with your Pet day. With this day in mind, we want to share our top 5 list of places you can explore with your dog on this or any day of the year. 

  1. Chicago, Illinois. Number one on our list because it’s number one in our hearts. Chicago is the home to BrilliantPad and an abundance of dog lovers and locations welcoming your four-legged friends. When the weather permits, taking a run or walk with your pet along Lake Michigan will never disappoint with plenty of pet-friendly pit stops along the way.

  2. Colorado Springs, Colorado. This city has quickly become a popular residence for people looking to make a living while having plenty of outdoor recreation to truly enjoy living as well. Miles of hiking trails welcome your canine companions to explore mountain views together.

  3. Minneapolis, Minnesota. When you want to grab a drink and bite to eat after work, but don’t want to leave Fido at home waiting, Minneapolis is your city. The Twin Cities has a multitude of dog-friendly patios and indoor spots to enjoy year-round. Take your pup to an indoor doggy park-like Underdog Park or Unleashed Hounds and Hops when the winter months swoop in.

  4. Saint Joseph, Michigan. One of Michigan’s small town is home to eight pet-friendly hotels, seven dog-friendly restaurants, and more than a handful of sandy beaches along Lake Michigan for your dog to play fetch, cool off in the water or catch some rays with you. Not to mention, during the town’s Farmer’s Market season, you may find pups than people strolling with their pet parents taking in the sights and smells offered to the public.

  5. Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, we know it heats up in the summer months, but that doesn’t mean you and your pet can’t enjoy the outdoors together. Tempe Beach Park is a great place for a long, leashed walk and is close to dog-friendly shops and restaurants. Camelback Mountain is a popular destination to bring your furry friend for a hike. Or if you and your pet prefer being entertained versus outdoor exploration, thelive music scene is robust and welcomes dogs in the Phoenix area.