April 01, 2020 4 min read

If you're looking for a great indoor potty system for your puppy or small dog, then look no further than BrilliantPad. While there are plenty of other pads and artificial grass systems on the market, most tend to come with enough difficulties to make clean up less than a breeze. BrilliantPad, on the other hand, is the world's first self-cleaning indoor dog potty, with a timed automatic rolling system that will seal your dog's mess and keep your home odor-free.

The Problem With Puppy Pads

While puppy pads can be a good indoor potty solution, the odds are pretty slim that they're up for the job of fully protecting your floor from leaks or spillage. Not only do you have to worry about clean-up every time your dog uses one, but you may also start to notice a lingering odor in the area where pads are normally placed. 

Never will such odors be more abundantly clear than when you return home from work each night after leaving a puppy pad out in the morning. After all, a pad that’s been sitting around soiled all day is likely to welcome you home with a smell strong enough to make you want to turn around and walk right back out the door.

Not to mention that there’s nothing worse than having to break away from your dog’s happiest ‘welcome home’ dance early so that you can promptly usher the pad to the outdoor trash bin. After all, who wants to let “pad smell” continue to fester from the depths of their indoor trash can?

If this unfortunate scenario sounds all too familiar, then it’s time to check out BrilliantPad! 

Dog training on BrilliantPad

This indoor dog potty machine can be programmed to provide a fresh new pad for your dog, anywhere from 1-3 times a day. Or you can choose to advance the pad manually any time with the press of a button. As the new pad rolls out, the old pad and any "presents" your dog has left on it will be wrapped and sealed in waterproof materials that are capable of storing both #1 and #2s for weeks at a time. 

With BrilliantPad, you’ll also be able to ditch the anxiety that often comes along with potty training a new puppy or small dog. Unlike regular puppy pads, which leave your pet’s waste exposed, BrilliantPad will save you from the dread of coming home to a big mess or unpleasant odor. By wrapping and sealing your pet’s waste, BrilliantPad also removes the danger of another pet smearing or even making an unfortunate snack of your dog’s waste while you’re away. 

You’ll also discover that BrilliantPad will save you both time and hassle. No longer will you be forced to cover your entire kitchen or apartment with multiple pads just to make sure your dog always has a fresh spot to potty. BrilliantPad automatically advances a fresh pad each time your dog has finished their business and eliminates the need to handle dirty, soiled pads multiple times a day.

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The Angst Of Artificial (And Even Natural) Grass Pads

Why not go with standard grass pads? First and foremost, you'll quickly discover that most artificial grass potties are not nearly as absorbent as they claim and are nearly impossible to keep odor-free without the use of strong chemicals. You'll also have to clean solid waste off of them every day and contend with the adventure of emptying a full urine tray at least two times a week! 

While natural grass patches are a bit better, they still require daily solid waste clean-up and can become incredibly heavy after weeks of soaking up urine. While you might expect a dog to feel more comfortable using natural grass, many dogs are actually a bit confused by the appearance of grass inside their homes. One of the reasons that dogs love to urinate on outdoor grass is that it’s packed with plenty of scents, including the smells of other dogs. The absence of such smells on an indoor grass patch will likely make it feel like a strange or “wrong” place to potty in your dog’s mind. 

The BrilliantPad Difference

Join the many pet parents who have already discovered that BrilliantPad is the perfect solution to their indoor dog potty problems! The makers of BrilliantPad understand that it’s important for small dogs to have a safe place to potty whenever they need to. Now you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your furry little loved one will always have a safe place to go, even in the middle of the night or while you’re at work. No longer will your dog have to worry about outdoor run-ins with predators, aggressive dogs, or the waste and disease that lurk in many dog parks. 

BrilliantPad is also a great solution for pet parents who may have a hard time getting outside due to limited mobility, or those who have anxious dogs or puppies that are afraid of traffic, other dogs, or simply the normal outdoor sounds. Each BrilliantPad machine is engineered to ensure that you’ll enjoy a safer, cleaner, and healthier way to care for your dog, even when you can’t take them out on a leash. 

If you're looking for an easy, odor-free solution with no mess and an easy clean-up, then BrilliantPad was made with you and your dog in mind.

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