June 16, 2023 1 min read

BrilliantPad is excited to share with you our game changing Unicover! This labor of love came to be through collaboration with our breeders. Designed to protect the edges of BrilliantPad, the unicover prevents curious puppies from tearing at the roll edges. Our 2-step locking mechanism offers flexibility and control over the pad rolling process.

  • Locked Position: When the two clips on the clean roll (back) side of the Unicover are locked, the pad will not roll. This holds the roll tight to prevent pulling and unravelling.
  • Unlocked Position: With the clips unlocked, the pad will roll as usual. 

With variety of ways to use the 2-Step locking system, the unicovers are flexible to fit your whelping needs. Keep it locked while home, then unlock it when away, allows you to take advantage of using the app to monitor and advance the pad, when away. Others only lock it down when puppies are being rambunctious. 

The unicovers are available exclusively for Breeders. If you would like more information please contact your Breeder Team at breeders@brilliantpet.com or call our Breeder helpline at: 1-312-635-5382.

Thank you for being part of our breeder community.  We look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions for a safe and clean environment, for your puppies.