June 16, 2023 1 min read

Hello Sunshine! Bring on the Barbeque! Summer celebrations and gatherings offer perfect opportunities to brag about your “Brilliant Puppies” and their success using BrilliantPad. Join our Affiliate Program and recommend BrilliantPad to earn summer cash. Simply make sure you are set up with a Brilliant Breeder affiliate link and coupon code using this registration link. Don't forget to provide your Paypal email to receive your commission payments. Vanity URLs are also available! Share your unique URL wherever and whenever you normally communicate with your customers.

  • Puppy updates on social media. Here are some sharable graphics!
  • Text messages and emails to your puppy owners and future families. Include them in your signature lines!
  • Puppy packages
  • Go-home checklists
  • Postcards (brochures coming soon!) BrilliantPad provides postcards that include your link. To request postcards please email amanda@brilliantpet.com.

Each person you help gain a cleaner whelping pen or home earns extra summer cash for you!