August 28, 2020 1 min read

Each potty time is a cause for celebration when potty training your dog, especially when it’s a successful #2. If you are using traditional potty pads, though, this success can bring unwanted and unpleasant odor into your home 💩 

Cue BrilliantPad!

BrilliantPad can handle #2 without problem:



If your dog only goes #1 on BrilliantPad, experiment to encourage #2:

  • Ensure there is a fresh pad on BrilliantPad. Some dogs like to have a completely clear space to do their business. 
  • Leave a little piddle spot. Other dogs, especially puppies, need a cue to associate BrilliantPad with “business time.”

Each dog is different and might require slightly different training techniques. However you tackle training, remember to bring lots of patience and use a positive, rewards-driven approach. For additional training trips, please visit