Training a Nervous Dog to Use Brilliant Pad

Training is required for all dogs to learn new behavior. Training a dog to use BrilliantPad is no more difficult than training a dog to use traditional potty pads. However,  if you have a skittish or nervous dog, training may require a few additional steps. 


Key Points

 First, allow your dog to get comfortable around BrilliantPad.

 Encourage exploration with treats or a favorite toy.

 If your dog seems skittish, don't force it.

 Remove BrilliantPad from the room and give everyone a change to relax and reset.

 Reintroduce BrilliantPad covered with a blanket or potty pads.

 Slowly reveal a little of BrilliantPad every day until your dog is  comfortable around the machine.

 After your dog accepts BrilliantPad, you can beginning training.


Need More Help?

Still having training issues?  Contact us.  Tell us about the problem(s) you are encountering and our BrilliantPad Training Support Team will use the contact you, either by email or phone, to offer advice or additional training steps.