Training an adult dog, that does not currently use pads, to use Brilliant Pad

It is near impossible for most people to train an adult dog that is not currently using puppy pads to use BrilliantPad. After all, there is a reason people say, “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks!”

If you are exceptionally determined and remarkably patient, however, it may be possible to train your adult dog to use BrilliantPad.

Be mindful this is really hard and BrilliantPad does not provide training support for this use case. For best results, work with an Animal Behaviorist or Certified Dog Trainer and practice the training outlined below.


Method for Training Adult Dogs

  • Let your dog get comfortable on BrilliantPad. Encourage your dog to go on the BrilliantPad platform. Praise him whenever he gets on -- even if he doesn’t go potty.  
  • Lead your dog to BrilliantPad by his leash at potty time.If your dog goes potty on BrilliantPad, shower him with praise and give him a treat. 
  • Take along a portion of a BrilliantPad roll when you walk your dog outside. Put the pad on the ground and lead your dog onto the pad. Repeat until your dog learns to go potty on the pad outside. 
  • Bring the pad indoors and put it on BrilliantPad. Lead your dog by the leash to the machine with a slightly soiled pad on the platform. Once your dog starts going potty on the pad, watch the Transition From Regular Pads video for guidance on how to help your dog transition to going directly on BrilliantPad.
  • If there is ever a challenge, return to the last successful step. Remember, you are teaching the dog new habits, and follow Training Best Practices.


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