Training Troubleshooting & Tips

We know how important your dog is to you, and we want you to spend less time cleaning and more time loving your dog. Follow these tips for successful BrilliantPad training.


  • All dogs require some training to adopt new behavior. Consider the training to be a small investment with a big payoff: a cleaner home and a healthier dog.
  • Break training into three easy steps:
    • Let your dog get comfortable around BrilliantPad
    • Encourage your dog to explore on BrilliantPad
    • Associate potty activity with BrilliantPad
    • For best results, watch all of our training videos: 

     Training Best Practices

     Tips for Nervous Dogs

     Confinement Training for Puppies

     Transition from Regular Pads

     Transition from Grass Patches

     Adult Outdoor Dogs 

     Tips and Troubleshooting 

    • Be patient, consistent and positive with your training. Punishment is counter productive. Instead, give you pup lots of praise, treats and affection. Focus on encouraging and rewarding good behavior. 
    • To facilitate training, use confinement training and put your dog on BrilliantPad:
      • When your dog wakes up
      • 10-15 minutes after eating
      • After playing
      • Anytime you notice pacing, circling or sniffing
    • Practice "Sit!" and "Stay!" commands to distract your dog from any motion or sound coming from the machine. This technique will promote greater acceptance when you are not home.
    • Always praise your dog after using BrilliantPad. Consider keeping treats near your BrilliantPad and get ready to unleash your inner cheerleader: Go! Dog! Go!

    If you have any problems or questions, email We are here to help!