Training Troubleshooting & Tips

Troubleshooting & Tips

  • Training is required for all dogs to learn new behavior. Training a dog to use BrilliantPad is no more difficult than training a dog to use traditional potty pads. Follow our Training Guide and with time, effort and patience, your dog can become a BrilliantPad dog.
  • If your dog is easily frightened by new things or sounds, extra training effort may be required. Allow your dog to get comfortable around BrilliantPad. Cover it with a towel or traditional pads, if necessary. Leave treats on the machine to encourage exploration. In some cases, you may need to move BrilliantPad to another room and reintroduce it a few days later.
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  • To facilitate training, put your puppy or dog on BrilliantPad at potty time:
    • Every 2-3 hours
    • When your dog wakes up
    • After playing
    • 10-15 minutes after eating
    • After noticing pacing, circling or sniffing
  • Give your pup praise and treats if he stays on the platform even if he does not go potty.
  • Punishment is not recommended for inappropriate elimination. Dogs rarely understand what was wrong and punishment will not have a benefit. In fact, punishment may cause even more inappropriate eliminations. Instead, encourage and reward good behavior.
  • When teaching your dog to ignore the machine sounds, practice your sit and stay commands in order to distract your dog from any motion or sound coming from the machine. This technique will promote greater acceptance when you are not home.
  • To discourage recurrence of accidents, clean all inappropriately soiled areas with an enzymatic cleaner such TidyShot by BrilliantPad.
  • Always praise your dog profusely after using Brilliant Pad. Consider keeping a bag of treats near the Brilliant Pad location. Channel your inner cheerleader: Go! Dog! Go!

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