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BrilliantPad New Puppy Bundle. Breeder Affiliate Link. Smart indoor potty with WiFi, camera and app with 2 extra rolls (get three total) and 3 training & cleaning sprays

Fully automatic operation, a healthier pet and a cleaner home. 



BrilliantPad Smart Timer Basic Timers Create Set machine to advance every 8, 12 or 24 hours pr press button any time for a clean pad.

More Economical  BrilliantPad Smart lets you tailor auto-advance settings to the preferences of you and your dog to reduce pad usage.

BrilliantPad Rolls Better for Environment Better for the Environment New roll design uses 80% less plastic with a biodegradable core recyclable end-caps.

Roll Replenishment

BrilliantPad Points Program Save 40% on Replacement Rolls With BrilliantPad Subscribe & Save and Rewards Programs, you can save up to 40% on replacement rolls.

Is Brilliant Pad Right for you?


Machine Specs

  • Measures 34"x24"x6".
  • Dog Area measures 24"x23" with 2" step up height.

Shipping & Warranty

  • Includes shipping in Continental USA.
  • $20 extra for HI, AK and Canada.
  • 1 year limited warranty


Free shipping is available to the continental United States. See our chart for delivery coststo Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and international destinations.

Warranty & Returns

BrilliantPad provides a 1-year limited warranty. For full details, see our Limited warranty & returns pages

Smart Specifications

* Smart App requires Apple iOS or Android smartphone or device.

* Machine measures 34" x 24" x 6" and requires proximity to electric outlet and 2.4 GHz WiFi network.

* Dog pad area is approximately 24" x 23" with 2" step-up height.

* Designed for puppy training or dogs under 25 pounds that currently use pads.

What's incuded

Each BrilliantPad Smart contains:

* platform with smart control module

* Brilliantpad roll

* Plug

* Geting Started & Training Guide


• Ensures your pup always has a clean place to go.

• Wraps and seals waste so you never touch soiled pads.

• Locks away odor to keep your home clean and smelling fresh.

• Helps young dogs and puppies establish healthy potty habits for life.

• Great for small breed dogs under 25 pounds.

Spend more quality time with your dog

You love your dog, but not their soiled pads. BrilliantPad eliminates the need to change pads all day. With automated clean up, your pup will get more belly rubs with less mess.

Use thoughout your dog's entire life

BrilliantPad is great for puppies and will support their health throughout every stage of life. The BrilliantPad smart dog potty protects pet health and happiness for life.

Critical health insights at your fingertips

Our app uses PoopAI™ for stool evaluation, health alerts, and analysis. With photo-sharing capabilities, you’ll be able to provide your veterinarian with the insights they need to protect your pup’s health.

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A smarter puppy pad