March 19, 2021 1 min read

What more do we want than for our families to be happy and healthy? BrilliantPad can help bring both to your household’s furry friends. BrilliantPad eliminates the need to structure your life around your dog’s potty time preferences and instead provides a cleaner, smarter and more convenient alternative.  


If your dog’s potty routine involves venturing outdoors, have you ever stopped to think about the potential dangers you are putting them in? They can encounter predators like foxes or hawks, freezing temperatures, or snow piled taller than they are, not to mention things like bacteria, disease, and other health concerns. Especially for small dogs and puppies. Yes, you are typically right there beside your dog protecting them, but there are some things you can’t prevent. 


As you may know, many health issues can be detected by changes in potty pattern. Things like increased or decreased frequency, runny or soft stools, or discoloration can all be indicators that your dog may be sick. These

characteristics are hard to detect when your dog does their business outside. 
BrilliantPad offers the ease and convenience of knowing a health issue is on the risebeforeit becomes a larger concern. The SMART app will notify you if your dog is going more or less often than usual, an initial red flag. By cataloging each of your dog’s visits in the health log, you can pinpoint exactly when things started to change.