April 02, 2021 3 min read

These days, there are apps for everything from fitness trackers to coupon stackers. You name it and there’s probably an app for it. But what about cleaning up after your dog? Monitoring your dog’s health? Being a better pet parent? Yes, there’s an app for that! The BrilliantPad app!  


The BrilliantPad app allows you complete remote control of your BrilliantPad Smart machine. You can set your preferences for when you’d like the machine to advance plus when you new BrilliantPad rolls will arrive. Here are the main features: 

Look-In & Advance Sheet Features

The SMART machine is equipped with a camera feature that logs images of your BrilliantPad machine at any time. You can “look in” on your machine whenever you’d like and see if the pad is clean or soiled.  From there, next to the “look-in” button you can tap “advance sheet” to advance your BrilliantPad machine, wrapping and sealing away your dog’s waste, all right from your phone! 

Auto Advance

The app delivers the #1 most requested customer feature: a dog-triggered auto-advance feature, and BrilliantPad Smart can be customized to advance automatically according to the preferences of each dog and their pet parents; giving you peace of mind that your dog will always have a clean potty spot. 
At this time, you can set your machine to advance at certain times of the day. 

Ex: Advance on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays @ 5 PM 


After a certain number of visits from your dog, utilizing dog detection technology. 

Ex: Advance after 3 visits 

We are also working on expanding our auto-advance features. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when those new features become available:www.brilliantpad.com/blogs/news.

Account Management

The app also allows you to manage your BrilliantPad account. Review your order history, manage your roll subscription, redeem rewards points, manage pet profiles, and review training materials and resources all while reclining on the couch or on-the-go; it’s all right there in the app! 


“Why would I want pictures of my dog’s poo?” you may ask. While it may be unpleasant, it is part of being a responsible dog owner. Many gut and health issues can often make themselves known through irregular potty patterns. These can be tracked and tagged in the BrilliantPad app! (Not sure what to look for? Visit bit.ly/WhatToLookForInTheHealthLog to learn more.)

Visit Notifications

Should your dog begin going too often or not often enough, BrilliantPad will alert you that this may indicate a health concern. If you wish to keep a closer eye on your pet’s potty patterns, you can set your machine to alert you whenever your dog makes a visit, keeping the health of your dog top of mind. 

Health Log 

Especially if your dog regularly goes several times a day, it can be hard to remember when a health probably started showing itself or what it looked like. With the BrilliantPad health log, you can see exactly when the issue started, down to the timestamp. This is incredibly valuable information that you can then share with your vet to help establish a treatment plan. 

We also have additional health monitoring features coming soon to the BrilliantPad app - stay tuned! 

The BrilliantPad app is designed to help you quickly and easily clean up after your dog and keep a closer eye on their health, making you a better pet parent. Learn more about the BrilliantPad app and download it today atwww.BrilliantPad.com/app