March 05, 2021 1 min read

We like big dogs, itty bitty dogs, Mississippi dogs, inner-city dogs, pretty dogs, friendly dogs, sassy dogs. We lovealldogs, and we wish BrilliantPad could cater to dogs of all kinds. However, at this time BrilliantPad is designed for small dogs and puppies under 25 pounds. But let’s dive into why. 


Why is BrilliantPad only for dogs under 25 pounds? 


BrilliantPad is made of a strong, hard plastic. The structure and design of the platform is both sturdy and durable to help your pup step up their potty game. 


As you can see above, BrilliantPad can support more than 25 pounds, ensuring your pup is safely supported when doing their business. 


So why the restriction? 


The biggest reason we say BrilliantPad is designed for small dogs and puppies under 25 pounds has to do with space.BrilliantPad offers a pad area of 26 x 24 inches. This simply isn't enough space for larger dogs to circle comfortably. While the platform can certainly hold the weight of larger dogs, we want to ensure they have ample space and comfort when doing their business. 


Can’t you just make a bigger one? 


We often get this request and have several new products in development, based on feedback from our customers. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when they become available

Is BrilliantPad the rightindoor potty solution for you? Watch below to see if BrilliantPad is a good fit.