October 26, 2022 3 min read

From playtime to potty time, you want the best for your dog. When it comes to indoor potty solutions, it can be hard to know which product is right for you and your furry friend. So how do you know if BrilliantPad is right for you?

Who is BrilliantPad for?

BrilliantPad is designed for owners of new puppies and adult dogs that weigh 25 pounds or less and current dog owners who use indoor pads. BrilliantPad is just like the pads you currently use– with a few upgrades.

Even the most devoted dog owners don't love picking up poop. With BrilliantPad, you never have to see or smell poop again. Let BrilliantPad do the dirty work by automatically changing and sealing away dirty pads. Just refill the rolls as needed. Less mess, more love. Clean and simple.

Can My Dog Use BrilliantPad?

For most dogs, using BrilliantPad is easy with a bit of training. However, some dogs may require more training than others. For example, suppose your dog is accustomed to using indoor grass patches. In that case, it may take extra training to adjust to the difference of pads.

BrilliantPad may not be the best choice for elderly dogs who do not use pads or dogs with heightened anxiety who are not on treatment. Ultimately, you know your dog best and are the best equipped to decide if BrilliantPad is suitable for your home. Just remember, BrilliantPad exists to make your and your dog’s life easier. It may not be right for you if it's not doing that.

Why Choose BrilliantPad?

BrilliantPad is just like the pads you’ve used for years but equipped with tech to make being a pet parent easier. Aside from automatically scooping and sealing away pet messes, BrilliantPad can monitor your pet’s health for peace of mind when you’re away.

The built-in camera allows you to monitor the frequency and consistency of your dog’s bathroom habits. If you notice your pup has issues, like loose stool or frequent urination, you’ll know immediately. In-app features allow you to insert comments on these photos and share them directly with your veterinarian for advanced healthcare. Peace of mind for you, anytime relief for them.

How Does BrilliantPad Protect Your Pup?

Health monitoring to address concerns before they spiral into significant, expensive problems is just one of the ways that BrilliantPad protects your pup. 

For example, dog owners in urban areas often have to take a trip to the dog park for their pooch to get some relief. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are diligent about picking up pet waste. This accumulation of waste can turn dog parks into super spreaders for severalinfectious diseases and parasites.

Additionally, pet owners in more rural areas face the threat of predators like coyotes. Even large birds of prey, such as eagles or owls, can scoop up a smaller dog in the blink of an eye. BrilliantPad offers a private and protected indoor potty, free from parasites and predators.

Why is BrilliantPad Better?

In addition to protecting your pup, BrilliantPad protects your home. Unlike other pads, BrilliantPad is raised off of the floor. Due to its increased absorbency compared to other potty pads, you never have to worry about urine soaking through and damaging floorboards.

Another BrilliantPad perk is the ability to put out a fresh pad whenever, from wherever! No longer will you return home from work to find that your dog walked through the potty pad and tracked poo all over the house.

Last but not least, BrilliantPad gives you back your space. Increased absorbency plus unlimited clean pads in one machine mean fewer pads get used instead of covering your floor in a carpet of potty pads. 

Did we mention that in addition to all of this, BrilliantPad is biodegradable? Better for your dog, better for you, and better for the environment. Brilliant.Shop BrilliantPad today!