October 26, 2022 2 min read

There is some debate online about whether raising a dog is like raising a child. But one thing is undoubtedly similar: neither parents nor dog parents mess around when it comes to their baby, or fur baby’s, health. When it comes to your pup's health, you want the best of the best. BrilliantPad helps you provide that.

1. BrilliantPad is Safe From Would-be Predators

Even if you have a private yard, it may not be as private as you think. Wild predators are excellent hunters and masters of speed and stealth. When you look out your window, you never know what critters might be looking back.

When with family, the backyard is a dog’s sanctuary. But an unattended small dog can quickly be snapped up by a wily coyote or whisked away by an owl in the night. If you think you’re safe from predators in the city, think again. Coyotes are known to prowl North American city streets regularly after sundown.

When you need to use the restroom in the middle of the night, you don’t have to worry about becoming someone’s midnight snack. So why should your dog?

2. BrilliantPad Provides Frequency Alerts

Thanks to BrilliantPad’s integrated camera and AI technology, you get automatic updates anytime your dog uses the device. One of the ways this protects your pup’s health is through frequency alerts. Customizable through the paired app, these alerts will let you know if your dog is going an unusual amount.

There are many health issues related to bathroom frequency, and it’s crucial to catch them early. For example, if your pup hasn’t pooped in a while, it may have swallowed a sock and need medical intervention to help remove the blockage. On the other hand, something like urinating too frequently could point to something as simple as a UTI or something more serious such as a kidney infection.

Frequency alerts allow you to monitor and catch these problems before they severely damage your pet’s health; or your wallet!

3. BrilliantPad Documents Changes in Stool

Another way BrilliantPad’s integrated camera technology allows you to monitor your dog’s health is by providing a daily “vlog,” so to speak, of their stool. These photos are automatically saved as events in the app. They can be accessed and downloaded by you at any time.

This is important, even if unsavory because your dog’s stool tells you a lot about their health. Sudden and sustained changes in consistency or color can be warning signs for big problems. For example, loose stool may tell you that your dog has caught a bacterial infection. Whereas unusually red stool is an indicator of blood and should be addressed immediately.

BrilliantPad cuts down on the time it takes you to notice something’s wrong. When you do, you can take notes on the event photo and send them directly to your veterinarian to eliminate any guesswork. 

Only the best will do when it comes to your dog’s health. And when it comes to monitoring healthy bathroom habits, there is no better than BrilliantPad. Take charge of protecting your pup today, and shop BrilliantPadhere.