October 16, 2020 2 min read

Let’s pretend for a minute that humans had to go to the bathroom outside. Then one day, indoor plumbing was invented, which eliminated the need to use the restroom outdoors. Would you, as a human, still go outside? Or take advantage of no longer having to expose yourself to the elements? Now, let’s think about our pets. 

Yes, they can and have traditionally been taken outside to do their business. After all, they are animals, and isn’t that what most wild animals do? However, your dog is not a wild animal nor is going outside always convenient or safe. By introducing BrilliantPad as the industry-leading indoor potty solution for dogs, the following situations are not longer an issue:

  • Older dogs who cannot hold it for long periods of time during the night or while pet parents are away from home
  • Hazardous weather conditions and extreme temperatures
  • Disabled or older pet parents who are unable to do stairs or go outside as often as a pet needs
  • Smaller dogs who live in areas where there are large predatory birds such as hawks, eagles, or vultures (Yep,it happens!
  • Living in an area, city, or apartment complex where there is little or no green space

Not all of these reasons may apply to you as a pet parent, but it is important to point out that they do to many. Take Maria G. for example. She choseBrilliantPad as their indoor potty solution because of the harsh winters where they live  

I have two of these. My pups are 13 years old and weighing in at 5 lbs, the other one is 6 years and weighs about 8 pounds. Neither can go out in winter snow or cold. These pads have made my life sooo much easier, as well as knowing that I don’t have to go dig/snow or clear out paths for my two little to have a safe place to poop.”

BrilliantPad offers pet parents an indoor potty solution, no matter the reasons or circumstances.

While convenience can be a key factor in choosing BrilliantPad, our newest model,BrilliantPad Smart offers even more features and benefits for choosing this product. BrilliantPad Smart adds dog-activated modes of automatic operation, a camera for waste analysis and health insights, and WiFi andapp connectivity for remote control and operation.  

We believe it is very important to take your dog outside regularly to exercise and socialize. Some dogs go potty often and many people use pads so their dog won’t get uncomfortable holding it in when they are at work, stuck in traffic, or asleep in the middle of the night. As explained,BrilliantPad is a cleaner and more convenient alternative to regular potty pads. 

The next time you find yourself in a situation where your pet could replace going outside with going inside, remember BrilliantPad andgive us a try!