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BrilliantPad Original without WiFi or Camera (for breeder use only)

This item is for breeders participating in the BrilliantPad Breeder Program for their own personal use. This item may not be resold.

Free shipping is available to the continental United States. See our chart for delivery costs to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and international destinations.

Warranty & Returns

BrilliantPad provies a 1-year limited warranty. For full details, see our Limited warranty & returns pages

Smart Specifications

* Machine measures 34" x 24" x 6" and requires proximity to electric outlet .

* Dog pad area is approximately 24" x 23" with 2" step-up height.

* Designed for puppy training or dogs under 25 pounds that currently use pads.

What's incuded

Each BrilliantPad Smart contains:

* platform with control module

* BrilliantPad roll

* Plug

* Geting Started & Training Guide

Spend more quality time with your dog

You love your dog, but not cleaning up their poop. BrilliantPad eliminates the need to change pads all day, so you can spend more time giving belly rubs instead of cleaning up.

Use thoughout your dog's life

BrilliantPad is great for puppies and even better for adults. The BrilliantPad dog potty protects pet health and happiness for their entire life.